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Exploring Safe Overnight Charging Methods for Bodywel Electric Bikes

For ebike owners seeking to strike a balance between the convenience of electric bikes and their lifespan, the question of whether it’s safe to charge overnight is a topic of considerable interest. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of overnight charging for electric bikes, and solutions to decrease potential risks associated with […]

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Bodywel Ebike Maintenance | Adjusting Brake Lever and Its Impact on Braking Performance

Bicycles are a common means of transportation in people’s lives, and cycling safety directly relates to the personal safety of the cyclist and pedestrians in the vicinity. In cycling, the brake is a crucial component, and adjusting the brake lever reach is a key factor influencing braking performance. Whether you have purchased Bodywel A26 or […]


Unveiling New Horizons: Bodywel T16 Mini Electric Bike Series

When thinking about the favorite sports of white-collar workers, one might immediately consider golf, yoga, or swimming. However, recent studies reveal a surprising trend—the most popular sport among contemporary white-collar elites is outdoor cycling! Amidst the hustle and bustle of the workweek, a leisurely ride with a couple of friends during the weekend has proven […]

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Bodywel F20 New Arrival: Bodywel F20 Fat Tire Electric Bike Series Coming Soon

In this fast-paced world, electric bikes have evolved beyond mere transportation; they have become a lifestyle and a symbol of adventure. Today, we are delighted to announce that Bodywel is on the verge of launching a series of foldable fat tire electric bikes, injecting a touch of joy to this winter season! The upcoming release […]

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Bodywel M275 Mountain E-Bike | Preview The Upcoming Release of EMTB Series!

Ready to conquer steep hills and rugged trails with ease? Exciting news for off-road adventure enthusiasts! Bodywel is thrilled to introduce our upcoming product – the M275 Electric Mountain Bike (EMTB), seamlessly blending outstanding performance, power, and aesthetics. This Black Friday, consider surprising your loves with an EMTB. Not only is it a fun and […]

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Chain Maintenance — Make Your Bodywel Ebike Last Longer

Whether you have a Bodywel electric bike A26, A275, or any other bicycle, it’s important to have the right chain maintenance techniques to make your bike last longer. This article provides you with the correct chain maintenance methods. When your ebike chain exhibits the following 4 signs, it’s a reminder that your chain needs maintenance: […]

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Black Friday Extravaganza is Live Now – Get Rolling with Bodywel City Electric Bikes

Waiting for a long time for a deal? Well, the time has come! Starting from 1/11/2023, this Black Friday, Bodywel’s exclusive Black Friday event is already in full swing, specially curated for our European Union audience. We’ve cranked up the quality, supercharged the savings, and made it easier than ever to own one of our […]

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Bodywel APP | How to Connect Bluetooth with “Tuya Smart” App for Your Bodywel E-Bike

Bodywel electric bicycles have introduced Bluetooth connectivity technology. This exciting feature allows you to control and monitor your rides through the “Tuya Smart” application. If you encounter any difficulties in establishing the Bluetooth connection after receiving the product, please continue reading to see the step-by-step guide on how to set up the Bluetooth connection. Step […]

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10 things to consider when buying an E-bike

Type of e-bike: There are different types of e-bikes available in the market, including road e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, commuter e-bikes, and folding e-bikes. Decide which type of e-bike suits your needs best.   Motor power: The motor is the heart of the e-bike. It is essential to choose an e-bike with the right motor power […]

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