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  • Bodywel® T16 Small Mini Ebike – Max 70KM Range – 250W Motor – 374Wh Battery

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  • Bodywel A26 Bundles

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    Bodywel® A26 Women’s Ebike Bundle – Extra Battery – Max 200 KM(124 Miles) Range with Two Batteries

  • Bodywel® A26 Ladies Electric Bike – 62 Miles Range Ladies E Bikes For Sale (2)

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    Bodywel® A26 Women’s Ebike – 100KM Range Ladies Electric Bike

  • Bw A275 X

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    Bodywel® A275 Commuter Electric Bike – 100KM Range Electric Assist Bike

  • Bodywel® M275 Mountain Ebike – Max 120KM Range – 250W Motor – 561Wh Battery

  • Bodywel® F20 PRO Folding Fat Tire Ebike – Max 120KM Range – Bafang 500W Motor – Samsung 720Wh Battery

  • Bodywel® F20 SE Foldable Fat Tyre Electric Bike – Max 100KM Range – 250W Motor – 561Wh Battery

  • Bodywel® F20 Foldable Fat Tyre Ebike – Max 120KM Range – 500W Motor – 749Wh Battery


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Based on my initial test ride, I’d have no problem recommending the Bodywel A275. It’s not particularly fancy and doesn’t have any gimmicks. It’s just a good value all-around electric bike.Everything works as it should. The brakes are decent, the battery range is respectable and the motor didn’t have too much bother hauling my 105 kg up some steep Cornish hills.
I was pleasantly surprised by the very bright LED headlights and the stylish LED rear light with integrated brake light. I also find the built-in hydraulic disc brakes very commendable, which have proven to be absolutely stable in the Bodywel e-bike test and have a good pressure point. The maximum range in my test was considerable 90 kilometers and thus also enables longer bike tours with the Bodywel A275.

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